2015 NAKHE Conference

January 8-10, Clearwater, FL

Rethinking Kinesiology: Tradition, Transition, and Transformation

The impetus for selecting this theme lies squarely in the landscape of Kinesiology today.   In sum, the field of Physical Education has a rich and robust history grounded almost exclusively in military training and sports [Tradition].  However, over the last 50 years there have been seminal moments, remarkable changes, and shifts in beliefs and practices that include Physical Education becoming a discipline-based science with sub-disciplines of specialization [Transition].  Currently, the evolution is such that there are still disparate views on who we really are, what we should do, and how we should contribute to society.  Therefore, it is difficult to predict where our field will land, so to speak, and how it will reveal itself to all stakeholders as we move forward [Transformation].

Proposals accepted June 15-September 15. Click here to find out more about the conference and submit your proposal.

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A Message From Our President

Dear NAKHE Colleague,

I’m writing this after having just participated in the NAKHE Strategic Planning Process, and then the Leader Development Workshop (LDW) that followed immediately after.  Both were simply “smashing,” great events that are consistent with NAKHE’s mission and vision.  And it is about this process and outcome that I’d like to tell you about.

After two years of planning NAKHE held its Strategic Planning Session, led by Texas A&M – Commerce faculty Tara Tietjen-Smith.  The session followed up on the 2012 LDW session that Tara led on how to strategic plan for one’s academic department or program.  That 2012 session went so well that we thought we’d do it again, but this time we focused on NAKHE’s mission and vision.  Tara and the participants did not disappoint – we made great progress on a NAKHE Vision and Mission statement, corresponding strategic goals and action items, and follow-up action plans, measures, and responsibilities.  As I write this that document is out for review by those who participated, and the final product will be posted on the NAKHE website for member review and follow-up.  

Like any strategic plan, ours is a work in progress.  It took me a long time to understand that no strategic plan survives its implementation.  But this is as it should be.  It is a “plan,” and not a rigid set of rules that dictate how we act as an organization.  So when you get a chance please take a look at the plan and send me your thoughts and ideas of how you can fit in to NAKHE’s plans for the next five to ten years.  We will post the NAKHE Strategic Plan on the website, and we will point to it through a variety of media that were discussed at the LDW that immediately followed the strategic planning session.

Which brings me to the LDW:  simply outstanding.  This was the fifth LDW to be held at Georgia State’s College of Education Forum, and was hosted by the Department of Kinesiology and Health.  Chair Jackie Lund and on-site liaison Mike Metzler were as gracious as always, and the sessions were first rate. I invite you to the 2015 LDW to be held at the same site, tentatively scheduled for July 9/10 2015 and to be held again at Georgia State University.

This year the LDW focused on marketing departments and programs.  Sessions were led by Bruce Lund (Texas A&M University - Kingsville), on branding, Jody Langdon (Georgia Southern University) on the use of media in marketing, Damon Andrew (Louisiana State University) on the principles of marketing and communicating value, and finally by Gwen Weatherford (Texas A&M University – Commerce) on marketing NAKHE.  These sessions, following the strategic planning session, set the path forward for NAKHE to “communicate the value of NAKHE,” and we plan to do just that in the coming months.

There is much going on that I can write about, but I’ll limit my comments to two:  first, be on the lookout for NAKHE to aggressively begin reaching and communicating through various media.  NAKHE’s webpage (www.nakhe.org) is getting a facelift through the efforts of Gwen Weatherford, and once completed Gwen will develop and lead NAKHE’s marketing effort with the help of our VP of conferences Mark Urtel (IUPUI), the Publications Committee Chair Daniel Burt (Texas A&M – Kingsville), Jody Langdon (media coordinator), and Executive Director Carrie Sampson Moore.  Jody is taking over the management of our current webpage from Robert McKethan (Appalachian State University, retired – many thanks to Robert for years of service maintaining this page!).

In addition to our web page Jody will coordinate our presence on Facebook (friend us there!), on LinkedIn, and Twitter.  Please start your account if you don’t have one, and come say hello to us on these pages or track us through our announcements through these media.

Second, please take a look at our Conference page on this website.  Proposals for presentations, posters, and other sessions are now available on the website by filling out the appropriate forms, links, and applications.  The conference will be held in Clearwater Beach, Florida, January 7-10 at the Clearwater Beach Hilton – right on the Gulf!

That’s enough!  Please reach out to me if you have any thoughts or questions, and come back to this page in the next two months to find information about NAKHE and our upcoming activities.  My best to you as you R&R in Summer 2014, and prepare for the Fall 2014 term.


Steve Estes
NAKHE President